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Most Common Questions

  • We need to begin a greenhouse in a territory of our lawn. By what means would it be advisable for us to prepare for it?
    One of the most ideal approaches to forestall creepy-crawly issues in your dirt is to till the dirt. When you till it, insects’ grubs and hatchlings will be conveyed to the surface where they likely will finish up biting the dust. To guarantee their obliteration, evacuate any by hand on the off chance that you see them. Make sure to till the dirt somewhere around a month or so before planting and after that again directly before you plant your vegetables, organic product, or blossoms. active-block Toward the finish of the period, after you have reaped your plants, evacuate any extra plant flotsam and jetsam and till the dirt again to annihilate any insects, hatchlings, or eggs that are endeavoring to overwinter in your patio nursery.
  • There is something sticky on the plants’ leaves in my patio nursery. Do you know what it may be?
    It’s no doubt the honeydew from “sucking” creepy crawlies. These insects have mouth parts that enable them to infiltrate the plant tissue and suck the juices of the plant. They at that point discharge the honeydew which is the sticky substance found on plant leaves. Such insects incorporate aphids, trips, squash insects, and insects.
  • My plant leaves look chewed! Do you realize what kind of insects may do that?
    Insects that can bite plants must have exceptional cutters in their mouths for this reason. Such creepy crawlies may incorporate caterpillars, insects, and grasshoppers.
  • Who will take care of my garden when I am busy or out of town?
    We understand that plants need care. Bagbani offers a unique Automatic Watering System wherein we provide automatic watering to your garden. When you are busy at work or out of town, our Automatic Watering machine will water the garden at preset intervals and will never let your plants go thirsty.
  • How can I get in touch with you if I am facing an issue or if I have a complaint?
    You can call us on +91-8800470366 or email us at in case of any issue or register a complaint. You can also get in touch with us by clicking here
  • Am there any garden maintenance service that you offer?
    Yes. Just planting a garden is not enough, we believe in maintaining and caring for it. We do regular maintenance of your garden through our garden care, watering, rubbish removal and lawn mowing services. We also provide guidance on the ways to keep it healthy.
  • What is the process Bagbani follows after I contact you for getting a garden service?
    Once we get a call from you, an expert will visit your home/office to have a detailed discussion with you regarding your requirements. Our team will guide you about the fine points of what you wish to create and how it can be done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Upon reaching a consensus, our team shall start work and will be involved in all phases of the project starting from the planning stage till the execution. Our work does not end here; we provide maintenance as well as expert guidance for your garden.
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